Canadian Wedding Trends for 2016 & 2017

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Between Pinterest, Instagram, and countless wedding blogs – these days, wedding inspiration is endless, and truthfully, quite overwhelming. So, we rounded up 16 of Toronto & Niagara’s top wedding industry experts to get the scoop on what’s hot for the 2016 & 2017 Canadian wedding season. From Hair & Makeup, to Florals & Décor, Music and more, here’s what they had to say about the trends that are here to stay.


Beauty Trend #1

Make-up: Gone are the heavy eye make-up and contouring trends. Most of our brides are looking for a more polished/enhanced version of their everyday look. Soft, luminous and romantic are key words to describe the look they are envisioning.

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Image Courtesy of Schulz Beauty

Beauty Trend #2

Hair: The upcoming 2016/2017 season will see an increase in bridal hair accessories being used. From a reverse tiara draped along an updo or down-do, to fresh flowers worn in the hair, either scattered through a loose braid, braided crown or updo. There are many possibilities for accessories to add that extra special touch to your bridal hair.

– Jennifer Schulz, Schulz Beauty

Beauty Trend #3

This year brides are lashing out!

Eyelash Extensions have become a must have for my brides. I use a customized eyelash technique to achieve the perfect lash look – whether that’s natural or dramatic. Best of all, they last up to 5 weeks.

– Allana Davis, Makeup Lady

Beauty Trend #4

This year, we are seeing a huge focus on fresh, dewy, healthy looking skin. It’s everywhere – on the runway, in magazines, and I personally cannot get enough of it. It’s all about prepping your skin with the right skincare to suit your needs, and being strategic with the application. Regardless of the Instagram trends, focusing more on heavy highlight and contour, brides are still wanting to look natural, a more groomed version of themselves. Pair that with a soft smokey eye, and a nude lip, you will have a timeless look that you will still love when you look back through your wedding album in years to come.

– Rachel Hilton, Makeup Artist


Dress Trend #1

I’d say that the biggest trend this year that will carryover into the 2017 season is sleeves! Girls are abandoning the strapless and it opens up so many options for what’s on top! We are seeing tattoo lace, one-shoulder, double spaghetti strap, cap sleeve, illusion, embellished straps or caps, long sleeve, high neck, angel hair straps etc. A strap/sleeve has also opened up the second biggest trend this past year (that will continue into 2017) – it’s all about the back! With a strap or sleeve you can have a plunging back, lace detail, illusions both traditional and tattoo!

Dress Trend #2

Finally, what I think is coming this year (2017 bridal buying season) to accompany the tattoo lace will be sexier illusions and cut outs. Plunging necklines with peak-a-boo lace, lace illusion cutouts down along the side past the hip. Watch out, 2017 may be a sexy season!

– Jessica Hirst,
Something Green Bridal Boutique


Dress Trend #3

The illusion neckline and backline has really taken off in 2016! We saw the beginnings of this trend in 2015 but now designers have really made it a staple in their collections across all silhouettes: from A-lines to fit & flares to mermaids. It is the perfect way to accentuate the clavicles while also having the incognito or subtle support of straps, and an illusion back is a stunning way of leaving a dramatic statement for guests who often see a lot of the bride’s back during the ceremony.

Dress Trend #4

While ballgowns will always pull on the heart strings, for the bride who wants minimalism but still wants to feel like a modern day princess on her big day, the soft a-line and minimal ballgown silhouettes have really grown in popularity this year. With soft tulle and absolutely no crinoline, this effortlessly light style is a great option for ethereal garden/outdoor weddings, smaller receptions in restaurants or ceremonies at city hall as well destination weddings!

– Lidia Salvador, Jealous Bridesmaids


Floral Trend #1

Garden style wedding bouquets aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and we’re definitely going to see a lot of them in 2016 and 2017 weddings. However, we will begin to see a departure from the rustic, ‘wildflower’ look in favour of a cleaner, more contemporary aesthetic.

Floral Trend #2

Tropicals are starting to sneak into looser floral designs, and we’ll see orchids, protea, and broad leaf foliage such as monstera leaves making a statement to complement modern wedding designs.

– Kalin Falconer, Bloom & Co.

Photo- Whitney Neal

Floral Trend #3

Accents of burgundy tones are huge this year. A constant colour scheme that keeps coming up as I meet with this seasons couple’s are a colour palette of ivory, blush pink and peach with a touch of burgundy.

Floral Trend #4

Table garlands are also very popular using mixed foliage to run along the centre of harvest or rectangular tables.

Floral Trend #5

For next season, I have a number of brides looking for table lanterns as part of their centrepieces.

– Karen Cal, Cedar & Stone


Decor Trend #1

Since our company is based out of the beautiful Niagara Wine Country area we are definitely noticing a lot more nature inspired wedding receptions with cream neutrals, soft fabrics and lots of open space and natural light so we are expecting wedding reception and ceremonies with lots of fresh air! We are seeing a lot of couples get really creative with the actual place setting this year – this includes vintage china, charger plates, unique dinner plates, glassware, beautifully printed menus, linen napkins and of course the gold flatware which is in very high demand.

Decor Trend #2

This year we are seeing lots of French inspired furniture pieces being added on to the decor – including beautiful linen love seats, Louis XVI linen chairs and full lounge French vignettes.

– Angelica Sala, Simply Beautiful Decor

Decor Trend #3

Mixing Styles: Couples are looking to incorporate more than one style for their wedding and are pulling it off perfectly with usual blends such as our vintage/rustic harvest tables paired with modern style chairs.

Decor Trend #4

Victorian Lounge Furniture: Our Settees are becoming increasingly popular and not just used to create a lounge anymore. These work perfectly for unique seating for a sweetheart table or for amazing photography props.

– Laura Forbes, Marvelle Events

Decor Trend #5

Bespoke Backdrops: The trend continues for special nooks of a wedding becoming true display areas (ceremony + sweetheart table backdrops, specialty food stations, beverage bars) – these areas are little works of art for mini experiences all culminating for an overall unique, custom + truly personalized event.


Images courtesy of House of Proper


Decor Trend #6

Lessons from Art + History: A fine art + european olde world look + feel is an overall theme high in demand. Garden style florals, baroque + antique wood frames for signage, colour palettes inspired by still life painters of the 1600’s interpreted in decor + their technique in stationery (watercolour, oils). Candlestick displays (coloured taper candles of varying heights up to 30” tall)  are especially popular, the candle colour and candlestick type can determine an intimate + romantic look or a light + colourful mood. They create a huge impact while offering a lean + vertical look, opening up tablescapes for conversation, or a lighter feel while laying the ground as props during a photoshoot. It gives an ephemeral feel, reminding us of beauty simply reached before all the possibilities of big industrialization.

– Sarah Lindsay, House of Proper


Dessert Trend #1

The most requested styles of cakes for this upcoming season have included a mixture of the naked style with hints of metallic and hand-painted elements.

Dessert Trend #2

Another major request is always texture, which can be shown with ruffles, sugar flowers & foliage, metallic edible sequins or roughly frosted buttercream.

– Emily Clipperton, Crumb & Berry


Dessert Trend #3

Some big wedding trends this year are definitely lots of texture and delicate florals (whether it be real florals or sugar). Pairing the two create great contrast, without having to stick on thick mouldings for texture. In terms of popular colours; couples are tending to explore the deep moody florals, although pastel florals will always be the go-to!

Dessert Trend #4

Custom design sweet tables will stick around much longer, as will buttercream covered and naked/semi naked cakes.

– Caitlin Hillier, Cakelaine


Music Trend #1

We are finding that more and more couples are choosing to have their first dance before dinner begins for two reasons.

One, because many of them do not have their photographer working for the entire night, and the other is to get the party started for their guests as soon as dessert is finished.

– Jorge, Hugo & Mike,
586 Event Group


Images Courtesy of Brent Miller

Music Trend #2

Survival of the Smallest: One current trend that has worked really well for us is building smaller bands to fit smaller weddings. Live music is an incredible part of any wedding/event, but not when the size of the band outnumbers the wedding guests. We have had incredible success with our 3-5 piece band line-ups from ceremony to dancing, adapting to the size, musical tastes and budget of each individual wedding.

– Brent Miller, Brent Miller Live

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Photography Trend #1

Overall the bar’s just being set higher in terms of the extent of coverage of a wedding day. It’s quality PLUS quantity. Ensuring the photographer captures the little moments as well as the big ones. Capturing all important aspects of a ceremony that go without saying (bride & her father walking down the aisle, reciting vows, exchange of rings, first kiss etc) along with some great, heart-warming reactions from both sets of parents, the bride and grooms nervous hands tangling together just so, grandma tearing up, laughter from your guests, some beautiful, raw emotion from the wedding party, cuteness from any little ones in attendance – stepping out into the middle of the aisle during the ceremony or sneakily poking their head out from the church pews.

Photography Trend #2

Another important trend that is here to stay is clean, timeless imagery. With film and film-inspired looks coming back with a vengeance, it’s really reminded us that our work is art and our focus should be on nothing but our beautiful subjects. Beautiful light, often a neutral palette and a backdrop that doesn’t take away from the subject, you end up with work that’s very current but that will also stand the test of time.

– Jacqueline Hofing, Injoy Imagery

Photography Trend #3

In terms of photography, couples are wanting more and more of the real, raw and true emotions captured (yay!)

They don’t want to focus on the “posed” photos but more on the realness and true heartfelt connection between them, their friends and families.

Gone are the days of Photoshop and digital manipulation and knowing that, makes my heart full of joy!

Photography Trend #4

Couples today are wanting a wedding that’s going to be a reflection of who they are and that is going to be a fun experience for their guests. They want more and more for the wedding day to feel like an intimate and fun party for all to enjoy and celebrate in their love story. It’s not a one fits all kind of thing and there are no rules anymore, you make your day however you’d like it to be.

– Bruna Sanches, Simply Lace Photography


The beauty of trends is that while they are a wonderful source of inspiration, you by no means have to incorporate every single one into your wedding day. The best advice I can give to brides and grooms who are planning is to take inventory of the things you like – both as individuals and as a couple – and use that as your basis of inspiration. The biggest trend I’m loving about today’s weddings is that anything goes! Gone is the structure and tradition of what a wedding day should look like, making way for a more personal wedding day that is truly representative of your personalities and what you love most. From a simple ceremony on a hilltop with just your close friends and family, to a reception meal inspired by your favourite pub grub – the sky is the limit for today’s weddings!


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I love this post – and all of this year’s trends are amazing! The last one is my favourite! I love working with couples who inject their personality and love story into their big day! It makes it so enjoyable for their families, their friends and their wedding vendors :)

Thanks for sharing :)

– Julia

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Thanks Julia!

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